Chinese Corner

Trump(et) King Mushrooms

Move over French fries, for Trump little crisp strips – Victor Mair

Chef Jon seems to be very fond of king trumpet mushrooms. They occur as an ingredient in three of his dishes on this menu. As might be expected, in the Chinese names of two of these three dishes, the word 菇 (mushroom) appears, but in the third it does not.  Instead, in the latter, it is called simply Chuānpǔ 川普 (Trump), with nary a mention of an equivalent for "-et" nor for "mushroom."

The name of this dish in Mandarin is Chuānpǔ xiǎo cuìtiáo 川普小脆條, which Chef Jon calls "Crispy King Trumpet Mushroom" in English, but which may more literally be translated as "Trump little crisp strips."