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Book of Ch-ch-ch-Changes1 min read

Part three in the History of Chinese Philosophy podcast series


Although covered before in an old China History Podcast episode, Laszlo takes the Yi Jing (I Ching, sometimes called the ‘Book of Changes’) off the shelf for a total makeover and freshening up. In this brief detour along the history timeline, Laszlo picks the Yi Jing apart and offers up both a history of this timeless classic as well as a brief intro about how it works and the role it plays in the life of some people. The Yi Jing is a book with a lot of staying power and has been kept as a handy reference guide for hundreds of millions of people over the millennia. Listen to what it’s all about and see for yourself if the Yi Jing can serve you:

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Laszlo’s Chinese philosophy infographic, click to view the full size version: