Barbarians at the Gate

Neither Boxers Nor A Rebellion1 min read

A discussion of the Boxer Rebellion, with guest Jeffrey Wasserstrom

An episode of Barbarians at the Gate

In this episode, Jeremiah and David welcome historian Jeffrey Wasserstrom to the show. Jeff is Chancellor’s Professor of History at UC Irvine (and founder of the China Channel), and is not only a prolific academic scholar but also one of the most sought after China analysts appearing on mainstream news media outlets such as BBC and NPR. His most recent book, Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink, documents the recent political unrest in Hong Kong, putting the movement into historical context. On the show, Jeremiah and David delve into Jeff’s current project, a historical  reevaluation of the Boxer War of 1899-1901. The conversation draws parallels between the xenophobia and anti-foreign sentiment in China during the Boxer incident and the nationalistic and racial divisions between China and the West engendered by the coronavirus crisis:

This is an episode of the Barbarians at the Gate podcast, syndicated with permission. Header: A Song era scroll depicting Khitans using eagles to hunt.