Barbarians at the Gate

China’s Public Heath Revolutions1 min read

How China’s history with health factors into pandemic reactions

An episode of Barbarians at the Gate

We’re delighted to begin a run of selected syndicated episodes of Barbarians at the Gate – a new podcast from historian Jeremiah Jenne and academic David Moser, two veteran China hands and friends of the site. The show is actually a revival of Jeremiah’s 2016 podcast of the same name, and we will also be re-running some of those early episodes to connect the thread. For now, here is the first episode of the new series, first published in late March, in which Jeremiah and David tackle the historical and revolutionary context of public health and hygiene in China, in context of the Covid crisis. Show notes and links are at the the original podcast here (and it is worth noting that since the expulsion of WSJ journalists mentioned at the outset, Beijing expelled all US journalists working for three major papers). More episodes to follow biweekly:

This is an episode of the Barbarians at the Gate podcast, syndicated with permission. Header: A Song era scroll depicting Khitans using eagles to hunt.