Story Club


A tale of crime and hamstrings by Diao Dou, translated by Brendan O'Kane 

Diao Dou, born in 1960 in China's Northeast, is one of the most exciting Chinese writers you might have never heard of. For our March story club, we bring you one of his most thought-provoking stories – a tale of the city, the people and the troubled polity. In a few weeks we will discuss the story with its translator, Brendan O'Kane, and perhaps Diao Dou too. As always invite you to write into [email protected] with your questions and comments, to join the conversation. – The Editors

Summer is high season for criminal offences, particularly at night.

I’m not just referring to crimes of a sexual nature.

That sexual assault is more prevalent during the summer months, and especially on summer nights, is a fact in need of little explanation. Indeed, summer nights facilitate many other forms of crime, as may also go without saying.

Brawling, for example.