Support the China Channel’s Future for Christmas2 min read

A year of anniversaries for China has passed, and the China Channel celebrates its third year as we break for Christmas. We’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to support our future by donating – however small an amount – on Patreon. Whereas we have been funded by grants in the past, we rely on your support to directly fund our translations of Chinese essays and stories into English. The money that you give is set aside and goes expressly for this purpose; all those small gifts tot up to pay translators, authors and publishing partners we work with, so as to bring writings into English that would not otherwise be possible to read.
We won’t keep asking after this, promise. But do consider donating the price of a pint this holiday season to bring Chinese voices to a wider readership (and if any generous souls want to support at a higher level to fund the future of the site as a whole, feel free to reach out directly.) Below is a selection of a dozen translations we have published over the last year, funded by your generosity, for which we thank you. – The Editors

Four Fates in a Changing China
An original essay by Yu Hua, China’s preeminent novelist – trans. Allan H. Barr

The Picun Writer’s Group (parts one and two)
True stories from a migrant workers’ village collective – trans. Jeremy Tiang

The Smog Society
New science fiction by Chen Qiufan – trans. Carmen Yiling Yan & Ken Liu

Hong Kong’s Sickness
Hong Kong writer Hon Lai-chu on a city divided – trans. Andrea Lingenfelter

Mo Yan Country
The rise of China’s Nobel-Prize winning novelist – Wei Yi, trans. Chenxin Jiang

The Nursing Home Rightist
A political victim in his winter years, by Yuan Ling – trans. Jack Hargreaves

A Tale of Two Migrants
Zhang Zizhu on coming home with all or nothing – trans. Sam Hall

A Fortune Teller in a Modern Metropolis
Liang Hong on an old profession out of place in new China – trans. by Michael Day

Short fiction by Xie Hong – trans. Ding Yan and Ray Hecht

The Storytelling Robot
Fantastical sci-fi by Fei Dao – trans. Alec Ash

The Besieged Rainbow
Dispatches from an ally of China’s LGBT movement – Xiaoyu Lu (self-translated)

A Foreigner in Beijing
Reflections of a returnee – Liuyu Ivy Chen (self-translated)