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Hotpot Wars1 min read

Tensions bubble in the battle for China’s Culinary Soul


China has been engulfed by a controversy that strikes at the very heart of the nation—forget the South China Sea, rampant human rights abuses, even a looming economic crash. Last month food critic Chua Lam, otherwise known as the Food God, called for the end to the PRC’s most beloved dining craze: hot pot. The backlash has been immense, with enraged Weibo users calling for Chua Lam’s abolition. To discuss whether hotpot is indeed an uncultured blight on China’s rich culinary landscape, cookbook author extraordinaire Fuchsia Dunlop joins Louisa and Graeme. Also there’s a chance to win a Little Red Podcast mug in our first ever competition. Snap a pic of the dish you’d like to disappear and send it to us on Twitter or Facebook to be a contender. ∎

This is an episode of the Little Red Podcast, hosted by Graeme Smith and Louisa Lim, and is syndicated with permission.
Header: George N on Flickr.