Chinese Literature Podcast

One Hundred Days, One Hundred Nights

Rob Moore and Lee Moore get up close and personal with Liang Qichao


“If one intends to renovate the people of a nation, one must first renovate its fiction.” With these words, would-be reformer Liang Qichao (1873 – 1929) launched his influential literary magazine, New Fiction, in 1902. Living in exile in Japan following the disastrous failure of the Hundred Day’s Reform, Liang Qichao belonged to the last generation scholars to pass through the examination system in the final decades of Qing-dynasty. Largely overshadowed by later May Fourth-era figures like Lu Xun and Hu Shi, Rob and Lee discuss why Liang Qichao’s work has come back into the limelight:

The Chinese Literature Podcast is recorded on the not so-sunny Eugene, Oregon, campus of the University of Oregon, with the generous support of the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.