Oolong Podcast

From Translator to Editor

Anne Henochowicz on navigating careers in China Studies

In episode three of the Oolong Podcast, Lev strikes closer to home, interviewing one of the China Channel’s executive editors, Anne Henochowicz. Learn how Anne went from studying ethnomusicology in Inner Mongolia to becoming the translations editor for China Digital Times, as well as the path that led her to becoming one of the editors of the China Channel and a widely published translator:

Oolong Podcast

Reporting China’s Religious Revival

Ian Johnson on China's new religious rise

In the second episode of the Oolong Podcast, host Lev Nachmann talks to Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Ian Johnson, who most recently has documented religious life in today’s China in his book, The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao. Ian delves into his writing process, what it’s like to research religion in China, and some of his thoughts on recent Vatican-Chinese relations.

Oolong Podcast

Writing About Chinese Genealogy

How Scott Tong rediscovered his family's roots

We’re delighted to bring a new feature to the China Channel: a series of podcasts hosted by Lev Nachmann, a PhD student at the University of California at Irvine. The podcast, titled Oolong, is produced with the sponsorship of the UCI Long U.S.-China Institute; each episode puts a China watcher on the interview chair, for a pithy and illuminating conversation about their background and work. In the first episode, Lev talks to Scott Tong (whom we also interviewed previously), author of the memoir A Village with My Name: A Family History of China’s Opening to the World in which he sought to uncover his family’s history in China, after working there as a reporter for many years. Scott currently reports about sustainability for NPR’s Marketplace. Hear about his pursuit, his family’s reaction, as well as his thoughts on being a reporter in China.