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Post-Umbrella Hong Kong1 min read

Post-Umbrella Hong KongLessons, jail and resignation in the wake of the 2014 protests


Ed: In the weeks since this podcast was first recorded, Chan Kin-man was convicted on public nuisance charges and is now serving a 16-month prison sentence. The Little Red Podcast has also released three more recent episodes from Hong Kong, Darkest Hour, Sing Hallelujah and Dirty Little Secret, covering the anti-extradition law protests last month. We are running this earlier podcast for full context, but recommend them all.

Hate mail, death threats and shadowy surveillance are facts of life for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists, five years after the Umbrella movement brought a million people onto the streets calling for greater democracy. Since then, 48 legal cases have been brought against 32 different activists, often on colonial-era public order offences. Louisa and Graeme are joined by two leaders of the Umbrella Movement to talk about jail, democracy and political repression. They are Chan Kinman, one of the co-founders of Occupy Central, who faces a verdict in his trial with eight others on April 8, and Nathan Law, the disqualified lawmaker from the Demosisto Party, who is also one of Hong Kong’s first political prisoners. ∎

This is an episode of the Little Red Podcast, hosted by Graeme Smith and Louisa Lim, and is syndicated with permission.
Header: Umbrella protests in Hong Kong, 2014. (Pasu Au Yeung/Wikicommons)