Chinese Literature Podcast

Rebel Rebel1 min read

Rob Moore and Lee Moore read Zhang Yingyu’s Book of Swindles


No matter how law-abiding we all are, there’s always that part of us that wishes we didn’t have to be. It turns out that just about every culture has its stories that celebrate that. Robin Hood, anyone? How about Ocean’s 11 and its sequels? China has its own long history of outlaw stories, and we talk about one on this podcast: Zhang Yingyu’s late-Ming classic, The Book of Swindles, available now in English thanks to a superb translation by Christopher Rea and Bruce Rusk. Join us as we talk about shady Daoist priests, idiot university students, and how a 500 year-old guide to thieves is still a page-turner:

The Chinese Literature Podcast is recorded on the not so-sunny Eugene, Oregon, campus of the University of Oregon, with the generous support of the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.