Chinese Literature Podcast

It’s the End of the World as We Know It1 min read

Rob Moore and Lee Moore unpack Liu Cixin’s Three-Body Problem


In the first of our new partnership with the Chinese Literature Podcast, brothers from another mother Rob Moore and Lee Moore take a break from Li Bai and Du Fu to look at Liu Cixin’s three-part science fiction epic. First serialized in Science Fiction World in 2008, The Three Body Problem became a global phenomenon when it was published in English translation by Ken Liu and Joel Martinsen. In the podcast, Rob and Lee discuss the main event of the first book (rhymes with ‘vulnerable elocution’) and share student responses, before highlighting the age-old divide between official popular and official literature in China:


The Chinese Literature Podcast is recorded on the not so-sunny Eugene, Oregon, campus of the University of Oregon, with the generous support of the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.