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The Five Elements1 min read

The ninth and final part in the History of Chinese Philosophy podcast series


Laszlo emerges from the post-holiday festivities to finish off the series, picking up from last episode with the life and work of Wang Yangming. The differences between the two main schools of Neo-Confucianism is further discussed: the Lu-Wang School of the Mind (xinxue) and the Cheng-Zhu School of Principle (lixue). We also saved philosopher Zou Yan and the Five Elements (wuxing) for last. And that completes this nine-part set course meal in the History of Chinese Philosophy. If anything spoke to you, you’re now armed and ready to do as many deeper dives into all these schools of thought as your heart desires. For more like it, explore Laszlo’s archive of podcasts at Tea Cup Media.

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Laszlo’s Chinese philosophy infographic, click to view the full size version: