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Gone But Not Forgotten

Why Feminist Voices will never die in China – Lü Pin

Read the original Chinese text of this article here: 女权不死

From the evening of March 8 until March 9, the public Weibo and Wechat accounts of [the Chinese women’s rights media platform] Feminist Voices were successively deleted for “violating regulations” and “spreading sensitive content,” without specifying what regulations were violated and what sensitive content was included.

Such vague and incontestable claims have been used as grounds for deleting tens of thousands of accounts from the Chinese internet. In comparison, the deletion of Feminist Voices, an account with only 250,000 followers, is too inconsiderable to mention. But this action sent an important message to the Chinese feminist community. Feminist Voices was the first public platform to use the word “feminism” in its name on Chinese social media, and moreover, it has played a leading role in feminist communities since 2011. Its disappearance suggests that feminism has become an unwelcome presence for Chinese internet censors, another set of banned characters marked in red.