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San Mao’s translator on Stories of the Sahara1 min read

An episode of the Translated Chinese Fiction Podcast

“Don’t ask from where I have come. My home is far, far away.”

In this episode of the Translated Chinese Fiction Podcast, host Angus Stewart talks to Mike Fu about Mike’s translation of Sanmao’s Stories of the Sahara (撒哈拉的故事 Sǎhālā de Gùshì). Sanmao (三毛), the pen name of Echo Chan, is a literary hero in China and Taiwan, best known for the time she spent in the Sahara, writing in a lucid, arresting and playful style about her life there. She passed away in 1991 but she is very much alive on the page, and has recently become better known in the rest of the world. This post is the last of our syndication run of the podcast – which has included episodes on Nobel-winning novelist Mo Yan, martial arts maestro Jin Yong and sci-fi fantabulist Chen Qiufan.

This podcast first aired at the Translated Chinese Fiction Podcast, hosted by Angus Stewart.